An Uninspired Lost Girl

There are days, times where I have either been completely uninspired to write anything about anything and then there are days, times where I feel so lost in my own problems that I think writing and posting would be a complete mistake.

I’m afraid.

I do not want the blogging community to think I am negative, but I want to be real. I do not want them to only hear from me on my good days and think of me as someone who only has good days. I want to be able to share the good days, the bad days and the ugly days.

But I’m afraid.

I want to be able to share all of me. I want people to understand me and I want to understand them. I want to be able to share my ‘I’m sorry but I don’t feel like feeling that way today’ attitude without having to say I’m sorry. Because I’m not sorry.

I’m afraid.

I am just who I am on whichever day you find me. And Tuesday will be different than Wednesday which will be different than Saturday.

But I want to be brave. I will try to be brave because I know you are out there. You. The person who will find me in this vast blogging universe and read my blog and say “Yes. I am not alone.”

I will be brave for you. So come find me.

This post is in response to the Blogging 101: Be Inspired by the Neighbors daily task. I expanded on my comment on The Endeavors of Everyday Life blog post called “Having The Wobbles And Inspiring Blogs (While Feeling Utterly Uninspired)” which you can find here.


20 thoughts on “An Uninspired Lost Girl

  1. lb9studios says:

    Thank you for being brave. It’s like you wrote what is in my own head many days. I too am afraid, afraid if I am too cheerful I will be thought fake, and afraid to show that darker part of myself.


  2. aboyd85 says:

    Funny, I found this blog inspiring for the same Blogging 101 assignment! I think being vulnerable is terrifying but I completely agree that it is better to be real. I have been having a hard time writing posts this week because everything I have wanted to write about would take me out of my comfort zone. But your post reminded me that I didn’t start blogging to set up a fake online life, but because I think I have something to share with others!

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    • kassandralane says:

      Yes!! so did you have that same “Yes. I am not alone.” moment? I was having a hard time at the beginning of the week as well because while I am trying to share quality content I also have times where I just need a good rant. So I have started organizing my blog so that if people are only interested in one part of my writing that don’t have to muddle through the other parts. If that makes sense. If you have time check out my new top navigation it hopefully explains what I mean.


      • aboyd85 says:

        It is so great to find people going through the same struggles with blogging that I am! I think once I have more posts I will probably sort them too. I like the idea of being able to lay out my content so people don’t have to scroll through things they aren’t interested in. I am behind in Blogging 101 because I was so worried about posting something “disappointing”.

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      • lyricallinguist19 says:

        Oooo this is a fun idea! I maybhave to revisit my theme and find something similar! I’m still so new to all of this and I’m now behind on assignments. Btw, I’m a follower and am really enjoying your posts. I envy your style of writing and honesty! Keep doing what you’re doing!

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