DAILY PROMPT | Audience of One

The only days I see in color are the days I wake up beside you, I am not sure you knew that.

I worry sometimes that you will never understand how deeply I love you. This fear has been created and maintained by my own selfish need to keep you just far enough away so that it appears you could never hurt me. But you hurt me.

When you get cut I bleed, you probably didn’t know that either. If I could take all the pain you have ever felt, or will ever feel and put that inside me I would. Even though some of that pain is caused by me.

Did you know that you are the only source of happiness I need to survive? We could be trapped in a room with no light and just being able to hear your voice or touch your hand would be enough to sustain me.

If we had only one more second together this is what I would need you to know. This is how I feel, have always felt and will always feel.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Audience of One.”


10 thoughts on “DAILY PROMPT | Audience of One

    • kassandralane says:

      Its a feeling I think a lot of people don’t like to admit to. No matter how much we love someone and let them in they truly will never know all of what is inside. And I think that is out of fear or rejection, loss and not wanting to be hurt. It’s a natural thing for our minds and bodies to try and protect ourselves.

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  1. Donatella says:

    I really respect this post it is so true…..nobody wants to read someone who always seems happy…thats why i have a journaling section on my blog, to show everyone that i am a person with problems and struggles….you won’t be judged, personally I find it a bold and brave move. Blogging is meant to express yourself, it’s a way to show how you feel
    If you want to see my journaling section just head over to my blog, it could give you some inspiration

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  2. sounja says:

    “The only days I see color are the days I wake up beside you.” This is perfect writing. I will carry this line with me forever when I try to describe the way love changes everything. Great post.

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  3. izzy-grabs-life says:

    That moment when someone’s writing is so beautifully honest and raw that it hurts as much as it soothes. That’s what you’ve allowed me to experience with this post. Thanks for sharing. You write brilliantly. I’m looking forward to my next read from you (Ishmael).

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