June Favorites

Beauty: Too Faced Sugar Pop 
This palette was given to me as a gift for my birthday after I had lusted over it when my friend purchased it for herself. This French macaroon-inspired palette contains nine shimmer and glitter eye shadows in vanilla, chocolate, and candy-inspired hues. Like all Too Faced shadows these are richly pigmented and easily blendable and the colors are perfect for summer. Plus, this palette includes step-by-step instructions, with three must-try eye looks.

Too Faced Sugar Pop packaging

  Too Faced Sugar Pop packaging

Too Faced Sugar Pop palette colors

Too Faced Sugar Pop palette shades

 Fashion: Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C.
I had wanted this bag forever and finally had a reason to buy it, after upgrading to the iPhone 6 Plus my phone didn’t fit in my Micheal Kors MK Signature cross body that I typically used as my going out bag. As luck would have it I found it for a discount at Nordstrom Rack for $169.00, the original price on the retail tag was $295 but the Rebecca Minkoff website currently lists them for $195.00.

I haven’t had it long but other reviews indicate that the leather ages well without a lot of scratching or cracking if you take care of it. It is a great size for a cross body, night out bag, though it is a bit heavy but that is due to the luxury leather and hardware. The front zip/lock compartment is great for easy access to your phone, but when I over fill the bag it tends to be hard to open without two free hands.

Rebecca Minkoff Bag & Nordstrom Rack Haul

Rebecca Minkoff Bag & Nordstrom Rack Haul

Bloggers: Julie from Hauteflashes – www.thehauteflashes.blogspot.com
I came across Julies Instagram account, which I am completely obsessed with, and that led me to her blog. She is a 23 year old Australian beauty blogger. Her photos are amazing, great quality and she always gets an up close shot so you really get to see the product she is reviewing. And her reviews are super informative and have helped me make many decisions on products I have wanted to try. If you haven’t checked her blog or Instagram account do it now!

Julie’s Instagram Account

Technology: iPhone 6 Plus
My new iPhone 6 Plus is like my child. I would protect it with my life. That may sound a bit dramatic to some but literally my phone is my lifeline. My day job has heavy security on their web usage so without it I would be stuck in a windowless room for 40 hours a week with no way to contact the outside world.

I purchased the 64g White Gold style and am in love with how classy it looks. It is my first time purchasing a white iPhone and I always thought they got kind of dirty but mine looks great. And as for those who think the 6 Plus is way too large I will tell you it’s not, especially if you spend as much time checking blogs, Instagram and Twitter as much as I do. I have found that my eyes hurt way less since they are no longer straining.

Anyway I know most people know everything about iPhones but basically I am in love. A few new features I was wicked excited about that my 5 didn’t have is the iMovie, Keynote, Pages, and Numbers apps. Great for productivity!

Food: Mango Creamy Frozen Fruit Bars by Chunks O’ Fruti
These are the best invention ever! It is like a frozen mango smoothie in bar form. They really are creamy and there are chunks of mango. For those health conscious folks they have no added color or flavors and are 120 calories per bar. I purchase them at Walmart for around $3 and they also have other flavors I just can’t list them all.

Mango Fruit Bars by Chunks O' Fruti

Mango Fruit Bars by Chunks O’ Fruti

Movies/T.V.: Supernatural
Seriously it would be impossible to accurately express my love for Supernatural. Because of moving and starting life in a new state my Fiance and I got ridiculously behind on Season 10 and so we are just watching it now but it just keeps getting better. Like how is that possible?

If you have never watched it, go to Netflix and do it now! Supernatural has something for everyone. The story follows two brothers, Sam & Dean, following in their families footsteps haunting monsters and saving the world. There are vampires, werewolves, monsters from legend, angels and demons. It is just amazing. Also Sam & Dean, played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are seriously handsome so that is a plus if you’re not into monsters. 

Music: Skipping Stones by Claire De Lune
This song helps me when I am feeling blogger angst, which is extremely similar to teenage angst but sounds more mature. Just go listen to it, especially if you are having a bad day and need a theme song. Its most notable accolades is that it was featured on an episode of Pretty Little Liars, PLL, although the first time I heard it was on iTunes radio.

London Fog

March Favorites

Beauty: Benefit Watt’s Up! Highlighter
This highlighter has been my every day highlighter for the past 3 years. I would recommend that everyone try it out. I use it on my under eye to hide dark circles and give me a dewy glow. Plus it has been doing great in this Florida heat. Find it at Sephora here.

Fashion: London Fog Purse
This bag is my new everyday handbag. I wasn’t sold on it in the store but I couldn’t beat the price for a medium sized well structured bag. I purchased it at the new DSW in Sarasota for a steal at $24! Checking out the London Fog website I realized my fabulous find as similar bags go for $150 retail. My best work friend loved it show much she went and bought the other one. It is not really a great spring color but I wear a lot of dark clothes at my job so it works for me.

Blogger(s): Daisy from weardaisywent 
Been loving the weardaisywent blog since I started on WordPress this past November. She has amazing photos and I especially love how diverse her posts are. She is definitely an amazing lifestyle blogger so go check her page out.

Technology: Yelp App for iPhone
The Yelp app for iPhone has definitely saved the day/dinner more than once. I am one of those people who doesn’t think about eating until I am already hungry and then I can’t make a decision. During our anniversary weekend in Orlando we used the app to find some fun places to eat and so thankfully we did not go hungry.

Food(s): Skinny Pop Popcorn
If you are in need of a salty snack without the salt filled calories than buy Skinny Pop Original. Only 150 calories in 3-3/4 cups. I take a sandwich size bag to work with me everyday and it saves me from the unhealthy snacks my office stocks in our kitchen. Find Skinny Pop here.

Movie(s): The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
My fiance and I watched this over our weekend away for our anniversary. We stayed at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Orlando which provided HBO and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty came on one night. The movie is about Walter (Ben Stiller) who has found is simple life in danger when his job is in jeopardy. Walter sets out on a grand adventure learning things about himself he never knew before and finding is bravery. Definitely an A+ movie for any night in.

Music: Spring Break 2005 Radio on Pandora
Depending on your age this radio station needs no explanation. Go listen and you’re welcome.

February Favorites

Lost Girl - February Favorites 2015

Lost Girl – February Favorites 2015

Basically anything from MAKE UP FOR EVER Professional. Their Rouge Artist Natural lipstick is to die for. My everyday shade is N9. I have finished my sample size I received from Sephora and already purchased a full size. If I could afford a lifetime supply I would purchase it now just to be sure I would never run out. And do not even get me started on their Limited Edition Fifty Shades of Grey collection. Check out these two posts to truly understand my obsession: Fifty Shades of Sephora and Dior & Fifty Shades of Grey.

MAKE UP FOR EVER & Fifty Shades of Grey

MAKE UP FOR EVER & Fifty Shades of Grey

Fashion: Black
To be fair I have always been a fan of black. It’s slimming, it’s classy and it basically goes with everything. Lately though I have been doing a lot of all black outfits. This is something I never used to do because I just felt either too dressed up or too dark, it’s a fact that bright colors tend to make us happier. This past month I have really embraced the “all black everything” motto and I love it. If you haven’t given this classic look a try go for it! I still pair my all black outfits with a colorful shoe or at least a gray shoe just to keep it interesting.

VELVETGH0ST – Gabby is my #1 Youtuber so when she started her blog back up  I could not be more excited. If you don’t know Gabby you are definitely living under a rock (or you just have more of a life than me). She is super sweet, down to earth, hilarious human being, and she has a killer accent since she is from the U.K. Go check her out if you haven’t yet!!

GroupMe app by Mindless Dribble Inc. – This is app allows you to start group conversations with all the people in your life. You can name each group so you know who is in it, for example you can have a group for your work friends, college friends, and cousins all separately. The app allows you to send photos, emoji’s along with your typical text messages to all devices. So an IOS device can share emoji’s and photos with an Android device. The app has it’s own emoji’s as well as ones you can purchase through their store. You can also use your own emoji’s already loaded on your device. Try it out it’s wicked fun.

Food(s) & Restaurant(s):
Healthy Wraps – I make mine with sliced ham, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, and shredded carrots with ranch on the side for dipping.

The Rice Bowl in Bradenton, Florida – This is my go to when I am in the mood for sushi/maki. I am also a big fan of their beef lo mein.

Movie(s) & T.V. Show(s):
Fifty Shades of Grey – This does not need an explanation, go see it if you are over the age of 18. Here is the link to the Fandango site to order tickets, you’re welcome.

Cinebistro - Fifty Shades of Grey

Cinebistro – Fifty Shades of Grey

Firefly – This is a space western T.V. show from around 2002, I know it sounds strange but watch it. There’s one season and then a movie to wrap it up called Serenity.

Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack – Again this does not need an explanation, go to iTunes and buy it. You’re welcome in advance.

A Perfect Circle Radio on Pandora – This is a station I listen to a lot at work. I have a very broad musical taste and this is not a mainstream top 40 type of station. If you like Tool, 10,000 Days or Puscifer you will like this station.