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IPSY | Negative Online Reviews & Comments

Disclaimer: This is a rant. Which means it may annoy some people. You have been warned.

Ipsy was founded by YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan and is a monthly beauty subscription service that is $10 a month and provides you with 4 deluxe beauty samples, and 1 full size item, all in a themed “glam bag” i.e. a cosmetic pouch. For $10 dollars it’s a really great deal especially if you are interested in trying new products, learning about new up and coming companies or trying out a deluxe item from a veteran company that you may not be willing to spend the money on. The one catch? You do not get to decide what comes in your bag every month and not everyone gets the same variation of products.

This leads to my rant. I have noticed after receiving the April Glam Bag that a few of the products for some subscribers have been damaged. There have also been issues where some packages have not arrived or arrived late and even some when subscribers have complained about be on the “waiting list” and wondering why they haven’t received their bag.

What really upsets me are those who instead of contacting Ipsy Care, which in my personal experience has been extremely responsive and considerate, they upload photos of broken products and comment on others photos about all their “issues” with Ipsy. So I would like to set a few things straight for these people.

  1. If your products come damaged, contact Ipsy Care by email. They will send you a replacement at no cost to you. Ipsy does not have time to troll Instagram looking for subscribers who are posting images of their damaged products.
  2. If you are on the “waiting list” you have to wait. This means you will not receive an Ipsy Glam Bag or be charged until Ipsy contacts you by email to notify you that you are off the waiting list. I am sorry you have to wait but we all were in your shoes at some point so get over it and stop complaining.
  3. If you have not yet received your glam bag, first check your email. Did you receive your tracking number from Ipsy? No, then it hasn’t shipped yet, be patient. Yes, check your tracking number. If it says it was ‘delivered’ someone stole your shit so contact Ipsy Care. If the tracking says it’s ‘in transit’ then sit down and be patient the postal system does not move very quickly that is just reality.
  4. If the month ends and you still not received your bag, contact Ipsy Care. They will either send you another bag or issue a refund. Your choice.

And last but not least please remember the world does not revolve around you. Ipsy has thousands of subscribers they have to work with and while they strive to make each of us happy sometimes you have to put in some work of your own to get what you want. Being negative on social media does not guarantee happiness. At least not for us ‘normal’ people.

Please stop bashing the company or the service and products they provide. Just unsubscribe and move on with your life.

Thanks for reading. Please share to spread the message.


9 thoughts on “IPSY | Negative Online Reviews & Comments

  1. Style Domination says:

    This is a good post. I agree with most of what you say. I appreciate the pics people post (usually) when it comes to experiences like this. It helps make informed purchasing decisions. If products are being damaged on a frequent basis, iPad needs to step up and correct that (which they do). Other companies that aren’t as well run (Jewelmint, for instance) don’t always right their wrongs and the thousands of negative online reviews helped me steer clear of them.

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    • kassandralane says:

      My hope is that subscribers start to understand that while it is ok to be like FYI this product has a flaw. It’s not ok to bash the company that is providing a service as they do not own the particular product. Ispy is a special case in that way. And I am really just upset with those who are clearly just complaining for the sake of complaining rather than stepping up and attempting to fix this issue. I totally get the need for a negative review when you have tried to contact a company’s customer service and have been given bad service or ignored.

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  2. Dana says:

    Thank you for posting this!! I finally stopped reading the reviews and comments because it’s turned into people complaining that they didn’t want this product in their bag. If you don’t like it, review the product, and ipsy will remember and they will not send your that type of product. They’re not psychics! Ipsy customer care have been so polite and helpful. I’ve gotten a product that was broken and customer service replaced it right away without question. Some people are so rude and ungrateful

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    • kassandralane says:

      Thank you for reading!! Yes I wish people would realize that to get the outcome you want sometimes you have to put in a little positivity and effort. Especially with a subscription service like Ipsy. They are definitely not mind readers.


  3. Emmy says:

    Love this! While I don’t subscribe to Ipsy anymore (switched to Birchbox at the beginning of the year), whenever I had an issue with them Ipsy Care was always super responsive and friendly to boot. They make it so easy to reach them through email and twitter that I’m surprised to hear that some people just sit around waiting for Ipsy to contact them.

    ♡Em | http://www.haulanddupes.com

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    • kassandralane says:

      Yes is disappointing to see so many people just waiting for Ipsy to help especially during months when there is one particular product that is clearly having an issue. Ipsy always makes things right with their subscribers. How do you like Birchbox? I’m coming to a year of Ipsy and am considering trying a new subscription.


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