What Order Do You Apply Your Makeup?

This is my everyday makeup routine, in order from the first item I put on my face to the last!
1. Moisturizer – I only use about a quarters size for my whole face and let is set before moving on to #2
2. Foundation – applied all over my face, including over and under my eyes
3. Concealer – under eyes and over any particularly bad acne spots
4. Bronzer – under my cheekbones, the edge of my forehead, jawline, and sides of my nose
5. Blush – brushed lightly across my cheekbones
6. Highlighter – under my eyes and the bridge of my nose
7. Eyebrows – filled in with a pencil and set with brow gel
8. Eyeshadow Primer – I dab it on my eye lids and the crease. I let it sit a minute so its feels sticky before applying eyeshadow
9. Eyeshadow – applied light to dark starting with the inside of the eye and ending with the crease
10. Eyeliner – always black with a little cat eye
11. Mascara – always black, waterproof for everyday
12. Lipstick – because after all that my lips look naked without it
In what order do you apply your makeup? When I wrote this all out now it feels like a lot but I can actually get it done in like 10 minutes. What do you think? Too much for an everyday routine?

4 thoughts on “What Order Do You Apply Your Makeup?

  1. desleyjane says:

    I use basically the same order. When I’m on the go, I skip bronzer and highlighter (gasp) and I’m pretty rubbish at applying eyeliner. So you think an eyeshadow primer is important? I’ve never used one but I see a lot of people (on YouTube) using it these days. Nice post 😊

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