A Very “Lush” Valentine’s Day

My fiance and I like to keep Valentine’s Day sweet and simple. Our anniversary is in March and we would rather spend the “big” money on that day. Plus since our anniversary isn’t a national, overly commercialized, holiday it tends to be a lot less busy and a lot cheaper. But like most couples we refuse to completely ignore Valentines Day choosing instead to treat it like any other day just with a bit more chocolate and a small something to say I love you.


For me it was a hilarious card indicating his request that I wear less clothing. Who said romance is dead? And a magnificent smelling pink, sparkly gift bag. I could smell the contents as soon as he set it on my lap. It was the Unicorn Horn bubble bar and Rose Jam bubbleroon from Lush that I had hinted at wanting. The two bars are now currently residing in my master bath and I can smell them from my bed. Again my fiance and Lush completely hit it out of the park. He maybe spent $20-$25 dollars.

For him it was a card from Target with a lobster on the front reading “Beclaws I love you”. We are from Maine so this was a hoot. He is also really into these things called “Metal Earth” which are these small metal models that can be anything from an airplane to R2D2 from Star Wars. This time he received a drum set model. And of course Valentines isn’t complete without some chocolate in a heart shaped box. I maybe spent around $20 bucks in total.

All in all it was an extremely successful, non stressful and inexpensive Valentines day. I think more couples should try this minimalist approach to on otherwise ostentatious holiday. Maybe the single people would grumble less : )

What did you do for the big V-Day? And how do you feel about the day in general? Totally over done? Or a great day to show someone special some extra love?


3 thoughts on “A Very “Lush” Valentine’s Day

  1. sharnleeee says:

    My boyfriend and I do a minimal Valentine’s Day as well! Just small gifts and we either cook up a storm at home or go out somewhere for dinner. It’s our anniversary in April so I totally get what you mean! Did you guys have a good anniversary? X


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