Lost Girl

Have you ever said something to yourself, whether out loud or in your head, like “I do not want to die” and even you didn’t believe it?

I have.

Like the title of this post “Lost Girl”. This doesn’t technically describe me, at least not in the physical sense as I was blessed with an excellent sense of direction, but because I believe nothing I tell myself.

I am lost in the non-physical sense. Lost in my own mind, lost to everyone around me and lost in life.

I have always known where I wanted to be but not how to get there. Like most of you I take direction from the advice of family and friends, I learn from their mistakes as well as my own. But I can’t seem get to where I want to be and I have no idea why.

So this is the intro to my blog. If your interested in being a Lost Girl or Lost Boy (or any other oxygen breathing organism) then come back tomorrow because I bet it’s a lot more fun being lost together.


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