Sephora Saturday

Sephora Saturday is a recurring feature on my blog that will be all about the latest and greets items I have picked up at Sephora*. I am seriously addicted to make-up which became abundantly clear when I was recently upgraded to the VIB Rouge rewards status after spending an absurd amount of money at Sephora* over the course of one year.

So on this page you will find my opinions regarding the VIB Rough rewards program, Sephora*, as well as the products I purchase there. I will post every Saturday so follow the Lost Girl blog if you would like to be a part of my Sephora obsession.

Please note I do not work for Sephora, Sephora does not endorse this blog, or the opinions stated here. I do not receive any type of monetary or material compensation for my posts. Sephora is a registered trademark.*Copyright © 2015 Sephora USA, Inc. All rights reserved.


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