New Years Resolutions

So in the past I mentioned how I believed New Years resolutions were cursed. This year I have decided that while I still believe that there are some things I would really like to accomplish this year and they may be things you all can relate to. Here it goes:

5 Resolutions for Everyday Life

1. Keep track of the good things, so the bad things don’t seem quite so bad.
2. Go on more adventures, especially the free kind.
3. Don’t be afraid of change, sometimes it’s for the best.
4. Make sure the special people in my life know how special they are.

5. Be happy.

5 Resolutions for the Blog
1.Pre plan posts and create a schedule.
2. Keep up with the posting schedule previously mentioned.
3. Read more blogs and comment on as many as possible.
4. Worry less about how many people actually read my blog.
5. Don’t let the day job get in the way of enjoying my blog.

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