Eating an Orange with a Fork

Today I ate an orange with a fork… and a knife. It occurred to me that I had never done this before and at 25 years old I no longer have a lot of firsts. So in the spirit of firsts I wanted to document this moment. Kind of like a baby book. Now on to why I ate an orange with a fork and knife.

Back in October there were a lot of changes happening in my life and I decided it was also a good time to make some healthier changes. So with my mothers help I started trying to make healthier food choices and attend the gym. My biggest issue with food is that I don’t eat enough and when I do eat I usually eat the wrong things. Feeding myself is my biggest annoyance (showering comes in second, if you are a girl you probably understand). I have to do it everyday at least three times a day, I have to spend money on it, I have to pick the right food (whatever that is), and I have to prep it, cook it and package it to bring to work. Don’t even get me started on how I also need to find time to eat it while I am busy at work.

So that brings me to the orange and the fork. Today my fiance packed my lunch (he is awesome) and in it was an orange. I like oranges and orange juice, I hate having to peel and eat an orange. I also hate how many snacks I am required to eat on a gym day. I also hate the gym (more on that in another post). This is where the fork comes in (finally). Forcing myself to eat the orange I decided to treat it like a nice steak, cutting it up into smaller pieces and eating it slowly. Tricking myself into thinking I was eating something way better helped me make it through the whole thing and I know later when I am at the gym I will b glad I did.

So I was wondering if this would work for other things I don’t really enjoy eating. Have you ever tried tricking yourself into eating something because it was healthy or you knew you needed it for energy later? Maybe this is normal and I am late to the game but I am pretty happy with my discovery.


5 thoughts on “Eating an Orange with a Fork

  1. theluckcharm says:

    Yes totally. Zucchini noodles (in substitute for pasta) is a big one I trick myself into. I want the delicious pasta so much that I don’t mind the zucchini. Pretending like, raw cashews are tasty candy or chips helps me too especially before the gym.
    Good Luck!

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