Give ‘Em What They Want

If my blog was a baby it would be a newborn who had to spend a month in the NICU before going home. I started it this past November because I needed an outlet for some of my feelings and thoughts I didn’t get a lot of traffic until January when I started Blogging 101. Naturally thanks to Blogging 101 and all the wonderful people I have connected to through that January was my highest traffic month to date. My goal is to double the traffic for February.

Here are the top 3 most popular pages & posts on my blog:

  1. Home page / Archives
  2. About
  3. An Uninspired Lost Girl

Having my home page come in first was not a surprise as I tend to share links directly to my blog as opposed to a specific post. However the fact that my About page came in at number 2 was a big surprise. I never thought that many people who visited my blog would care to read my About page. Knowing this means I will definitely be updating it soon and adding some more content. If you have some suggestions on what you would like to read on my about page please let me know.

Coming in at number 3 was my post An Uninspired Lost Girl. This was a post in response to an assignment in Blogging 101. I did not think this was a particularly extraordinary post but looking back at the comments I can see how the honestly behind it really resonated with some people. This post really showcases my feelings behind blogging and how much I rely on it to provide me growth in my everyday life.

I would appreciate any and all feedback on the above listed pages/posts and even the posts that didn’t make the top three. Thank you to those of you who have already provided some amazing feedback it is truly appreciated and helps my blog grow.


5 thoughts on “Give ‘Em What They Want

    • kassandralane says:

      Thank you! That is why I started my weekly feature Sephora Saturday. While I am really passionate about my creative writing I am also pretty passionate about beauty products. So I found a way to incorporate both into my blog.

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  1. Ann GrubbsnCritters says:

    I never thought about page would top the list too! But I realise that after reading one or two posts from a blogger, I would tend to go to the about page to find out more about. So I guess, there’s a reason why About needs to be spruce up! I like how you describe your blog being a bay in NICU. It’s so true and I haven’t thought about it that way! A very interesting analogy. 🙂

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