The Lost Girl Blogs 3 Goals for 2015

  1. Get 1026 followers (cause that seems like a nice number).
  2. Make lasting friendships with other bloggers.
  3. Chat with other bloggers from at least 8 other countries outside of my own.

Why do you blog?

This question is remarkably difficult to answer because the reason I started blogging is different than the reason I have continued to blog and why I plan to keep blogging.
To make this quick I blog because I have a lot to say that does not necessarily fit into my day to day human interactions. By blogging I am able to share what I have to say when I want to say it and the readers can choose when they want to read it. 
I also blog to share things that I otherwise would never share with those around me. This is all about bravery. One day I hope that I can be as brave offline as I am online. 

If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like?

My dreams aren’t usually ‘wild’ per say just a bit ostentatious. Ideally the blog design would be completely customized by yours truly. I don’t pay my student loans every month so someone else can design my blog. Though I know the more followers the better I would be happy with a cool million. Anymore would just be ridiculous. I would be able to live off my blog, aka pay my student loans, by posting everyday and starting my own brand. My life goal is to have my own line of nail polish, every shade would be created and named by me and reflect the content of my blog and ultimately my personality. If  that happened it would definitely exceed my current dreams. Which are limited to paying off my student debt before I die and being happy. 

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